When Willing on Duty, Lobar Police Traffic Unit Personnel Choose First, Help Pregnant Women Accident – Traffic accidents involving motorcycle riders occurred on Jl. Dr. Soetomo Kediri, leaving an interesting story behind this event, Thursday (6/18).

Where in this traffic accident, Lobar Police Traffic Unit Personnel prefer to help pregnant women who have an accident first, when going to the duty location.

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Aipda Zulkarnaen, one of the members of the West Lombok Regional Police Sat Lantas who helped to explain the beginning of this incident.

“At that time I went from GMS Gerung Post to Simpong Empat Montong Senggigi, to carry out security,” he said.

The Security Task that it carries out is a routine task, which is conducting Track Arrangements, providing services to Communities who are active.

“Around 10:30 a.m. Wita, I and one other colleague, Bripka Bagus Juni Ardana, will do a pam lane in Batulayar and when passing Jl. Dr. Soetomo Rumak Kediri saw a lot of crowds, “he said.

Seeing that something was wrong, the two members of the Lobar Police Sat Lantas immediately approached residents, to find out what really happened.

“It turned out that the disorder was due to a traffic accident, and involved a mother who was in a state of great pregnancy,” he added.

Unwilling to take the risk, the two members of the Lobar Police Traffic Unit immediately helped him by taking him to the hospital.

“It so happens that the hospital being addressed is Bhayangkara Hospital,” he said, continuing his statement.

Aipda Zulkarnaen reasoned, prioritizing helping pregnant women because of a sense of humanity.

“So we took the initiative to help the woman, and have reported it to the leadership, regarding routine tasks that we will carry out,” he said.

Although the change of security duties at Simpang Empat montong was delayed, his colleagues understood the situation.

Arriving at the hospital, the pregnant woman finally got help immediately by the medical authorities at Bhayangkara Hospital, Mataram.

“Thank God, everything went smoothly. Information from the medical side, that based on the initial examination, the mother’s condition and the womb is okay, “he explained.

When confirmed, Kasat then West Lombok Police Iptu I Made Sugiarta, SH confirmed the incident of the traffic accident.

“From the statements of the victims and witnesses in the field, the pregnant mother was being piggybacked by her husband, driving slowly on a motorcycle,” he said.

When crossing from south to north on Jl. Dr. Soetomo Rumak Kediri, suddenly out of the alley, a child came out riding a bicycle.

“This child is riding a bicycle directly entering the main road,” he added.

Because it enters suddenly so that a collision cannot be avoided.

“The victim said he had fallen from the vehicle, when he had an accident, so he felt in pain,” he explained.

Kasat Lantas said that the victim at that time was escorted by her husband to check the womb that was in a state of great pregnancy.

“The impact of the accident was not harsh, so that both the bicyclist bikers and motorbike traffickers (pregnant women’s husbands) did not experience injuries,” he added.

However, due to the condition of the accident which was in a pregnant position and had fallen, so members immediately drove him to be examined as soon as in the hospital,

“We spontaneously or did not wait for our direct orders to help and bring pregnant women using the Official Vehicle because that is indeed our obligation,” he stressed.

Kasat Lantas asserted that the actions taken by its members were humanitarian actions that were indeed required by each member of the National Police.

“Even though in the circumstances they will carry out their duties, actions like this are certainly understandable, for humanity and safety,” he said.

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