West Nusa Tenggara Police Chief Request Prayer and Support of All Elements of the Community When Conducting Recitation and Islamic Prison at West Lombok Police Headquarters

perisainews.comNTB Regional Police Chief Inspector General. Pol. Mohammad Iqbal, S.I.K., M.H., along with Forkopimda, Religious Leaders and Orphans Lobar, held a joint study and recitation in the framework of the 74th Bhayangkara Day which took place in the Patriatama hall on Friday. (6/26)

The arrival of the number one person in the ranks of the NTB Regional Police was welcomed by the Head of Lobar Police, AKBP Bagus S. Wibowo, S.I.K, Dandim 1606 Lobar Colonel Arm. Gunawan, S. Sos., M.T., Regent of Lobar H. Fauzan Khalid, S. Ag, M.Sc, TGH L. M. Turmudzi Badarudin, TGH Hilman, TGH Taisir, TGH. Muharar Mahfud, TGH. Subki Sasaki, TGH. M. Said, TGH. Rusdi Adnan, TGH. Sanusi, TGH. Muhlis Ibrahim, TGH. Taufiqurrahman, Dr. TGH. Nafsin Kholili, TGH. Khoiri Abror, KNPI and orphans of Kab. West Lombok.

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The recitation and istigazah activities were led directly by TGH Mukhlis Ibrahim, beginning with the dhikr and prayer activities together with the hope that on the 74th bhayangkara day the police would be better.

In his remarks the Chief of NTB invited all members of the national police and invited guests to always be grateful, and ask for prayers in this event and hospitality.

In the momentum of the 74th day Bhayangkara where the journey of the National Police of the Republic of Indonesia may still not be perfect.

In addition, the NTB Regional Police Chief expects the National Police to keep trying to protect, protect and serve the community, to offer something that gives a sense of security, provides a cool situation in the region.

The National Police of the Republic of Indonesia cannot stand alone, for this reason the Police must invite all elements of society, from the smallest to the state level.

The Kapolda added that he conveyed the message of the Ulema, always remembering that if hospitality is established properly, then whatever difficulties will always be given a way by Allah SWT.

The National Police of the Republic of Indonesia, especially West Lombok, always invites prayer, guidance and power given by the entire community, especially the Alim Ulama in West Lombok.

Furthermore, TGH. Taisir AL Azhar, Lc, MA in his speech conveyed the Society to become a police officer on their own, with the awareness of maintaining security and order.

In the 74th Bhayangkara Day momentum, TGH. Taisir Al Azhar, Lc, MA hopes that the National Police will remain victorious and increasingly loved by the public.

At the end of this activity, TGH. L. M. Turmudzi Badarudin leads the closing Prayer, followed by symbolic gift giving to orphans by the NTB Regional Police Chief.

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