Water and air police unit in West Lombok Police Together with Senggigi District Police Guard Evacuation of Drowned Victims in Senggigi Area – Personnel of Piket Sat Polairud West Lombok Police together with Senggigi District Police escort the drowning victims who were evacuated in the Senggigi waters on Sunday. (28/6)

Kasat Polairud West Lombok Police Precinct Ipda I Gusti Made Suarjaya confirmed the incident that there were reports of drowning victims who were helped to be evacuated and escorted by their personnel.

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“Our personnel immediately followed up on the incident by deploying existing pickets to the scene and immediately evacuating and escorting the victim to the nearest Puskesmas,” he explained.

Starting with Ship Picket Personnel at the Senggigi Danpal Base in 2003 and other personnel at 13.15 WITA received a report from Bhabinkamtibmas Senggigi there were drowning victims around the estuary of the Kerandangan One beach, Senggigi Village, Kec. West Lombok Batulayar.

With this incident, his personnel immediately moved to the scene of the crime for evacuation and escort the drowned victim.

The evacuated victim was immediately rushed to the nearest health center for further medical treatment.

“Our personnel immediately escort the path to the victim to the Meninting Community Health Center in order to respond quickly in medical assistance,” Kasat continued.

The victim was known to be a daughter named Putri Nuraini who was around 8 years old having her address at Dusun Baru Jabon Utara, Arjangka Village, Kec. Pringgarata Central Lombok.

The victim and her parents came to Pantai Kerandangan for a vacation.

Kasat Polair added, the incident was explained when his parents performed the midday prayer and left his son and his friends playing at the beach estuary.

“When his parents worshiped not far from the crime scene, the victim was busy playing at the beach estuary with her friends,” he said.

However, after worshiping, the victim’s parents did not find her child who was playing at the estuary of the beach and immediately did a search.

30 minutes later, the victim was found drowned at the edge of the beach and evacuation was immediately carried out assisted by local residents brought to the beach.

The victim who was unconscious was immediately evacuated to the Puskesmas meninting and a medical examination was immediately carried out.

However, God wills differently. After the examination, the victim was declared dead by the Medical team.

Kasat Polair Lobar continued in that opportunity to give an appeal and emphasis on the community so that in the future be more careful in supervising their children, especially when playing in vulnerable areas such as on the beach or other places that should be needed supervision by parents.

“We share our condolences for the death of the victim, going forward, we hope that parents and other communities pay more attention to their children’s activities so that we can avoid these incidents,” he said.

Continuing, the personnel in this matter are more serious in giving more appeal and supervision to the activities carried out around the coast.

Covid-19’s appeal which we continue to encourage cannot be separated either by giving an appeal and an emphasis on people who are carrying out their activities on the coast so that the incident does not recur,” he continued.

The family of the victim who was in the health center knew and accepted sincerely the departure of his child and then the victim was taken by the family to the funeral home.

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