Sudden Inspection, Task Force Team handling Covid – 19 West Lombok to Shopping Centers and Vital Objects in the Application of Health Protocols – West Lombok Covid-19 Rapid Reaction Task Force held a socialization on surprise inspections at the shopping centers in Simpang Empat Gerung, to check the implementation of the Covid-19 Health Protocol at this location, Thursday (9/7).

West Lombok Police Chief AKBP Bagus S. Wibowo, SIK with Dandim 1606 WB, District Secretary. Lobar checks directly to Location.

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West Lombok Police Chief As Chairman of the West Lombok Covid-19 Quick Response Team said that this should be of concern to all parties.

“To ensure the shopping center owners, apply the Health Protocol, both to employees and visitors,” he said.

From the results of field monitoring, the majority have complied with the implementation of the Health protocol, but the Kapolres still reminded shopping center owners to pay attention to the Health protocol to visitors.

“Always remind, if visitors still don’t obey, don’t give in,” he said.

Then one of the owners of Modern Retail in Gerung put Stickers as a form of support in supporting Healthy Village in West Lombok.

The same thing happened in other shopping places in Simpang Empat Gerung, to ensure the implementation of the covid-19 Health protocol at this location.

Whereas in Sidak at Bank NTB, Officers found that all customers and employees had implemented the Health protocol in this place.

On that occasion, West Lombok Regional Secretary H Baehaqi said that this socialization activity was positively welcomed by the Community.

For this reason, socialization has been carried out and is now being implemented in sudden inspection and will be carried out continuously.

It was also said that this was in accordance with the orders of the NTB Governor, NTB Regional Police Chief, Danrem 162 / WB, which was forwarded to the West Lombok Police Chief, 1606 / Lobar District Commander, and the Regent of West Lombok.

The implementation of the Covid-19 protocol will always be carried out with strict and strict checks and supervision by the West Lombok Covid Handling Task Force, including all shopping centers.

This is not without reason, considering that to this day the spread of Covid-19 in West Lombok has been very worrying.

Of course the government and the TNI – Polri cannot make this effort alone without the support of all levels of society.

For this reason, it is hoped that all participation of the people of West Lombok will come together with full awareness to support the government’s efforts in preventing Covid-19.

In several locations we found that the Covid-19 protocol was well implemented, starting with Physical distancing, measuring body temperature and requiring visitors to wear masks and provide a place to wash hands.

Although in some places it is still monitored loosely, it is still reminded to obey the application of the covid-19 protocol.

If the warnings have been given and are still stubborn, the West Lombok Regional Government together with the TNI and Polri are not reluctant to close down the operations of shopping centers and offices.

It was also emphasized that there was no tolerance related to the implementation of covid-19 health protocol in West Lombok.

On this occasion also the Secretary of the District. West Lombok expects all levels of society to participate in the success of healthy village competitions in NTB Province.

Meanwhile, West Lombok District Commander 1606 Colonel Arm Gunawan appealed to all levels of West Lombok society to participate in reminding each other in the implementation of the Covid Health protocol 19.

“Because if we do not remind each other, we are among those who are losing, reminded to always maintain health, so that the economy in the community will grow and development in all fields will flourish,” he said.

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