Social Service in West Lombok Gerung Subdistrict, Polri Distributes 200 Social Assistance Packages to Communities Affected Covid-19 In handling the Covid-19 Pandemic case that has plagued up to now, the National Police conducted a Social Service in Tempos Village, Gerung District, Monday afternoon. (7/27)

This social service was carried out simultaneously throughout Indonesia by the Alumni of the Police Academy ’91 Battalion of the Buddhist Forces.

Also attending the event included West Lombok Regent H. Fauzan Khalid, S.Ag., TNI, together with Forkopimcam Gerung.

In the Social Service Activity is a form of police concern for residents who feel the impact of Covid-19 in West Lombok Regency.

On the occasion, West Lombok Police Chief AKBP Bagus S. Wibowo, SIK., Conveyed the mandate of the NTB Regional Police Chief that the activity was an attempt by the National Police to alleviate the difficulties experienced by most of the community, especially in West Lombok Regency.
"We realize that in this situation, it will greatly affect the decline in the level of health and the economy throughout the world and understand the difficulties of society," he said.

Besides that, the activity was also intended to commemorate the 29th Anniversary of the AKPOL Alumni '91 Battalion Bhara Daksa.

"This Social Service event commemorates the 29th Anniversary of the Akpol Alumni '91 Battalion Bhara Daksa right on this day," he continued.
Through the Lobar Police Chief, this social service activity in West Lombok by the Police Academy Alumni '91 was held in the Village of Tempos with the surrounding community.

"The Social Service activities were carried out simultaneously throughout Indonesia and for West Lombok Regency it was held in Tempos Village on this day and subsequently we have prepared social service activities in 2 villages namely Cendi Manik Village and Taman Baru District. One piece, "he said.
As a result, the delivery of aid was aimed at the affected communities of Covid19 that had not been covered by the government, high-risk police officers who were tasked with handling covid-19, the families of the dead bhara daks and retired and Warakauri.

"Especially in West Lombok Regency, we give it to the community at the same time to our members, retired, Warakauri and PHL in the West Lombok Regional Police with 200 packages," he added.

On the occasion, the Regent of West Lombok also expressed his gratitude to the National Police especially to the Alumni of the Police Force '91 Battalion Bhara Daksa for the Social Service activities that were held.

"We thank the National Police more specifically, the National Police Alumni Alumni colleagues '91 Battalion Bhara Daksa who is chaired by Mr. NTB Police Chief who we love and are proud of the delivery of social assistance that has been given to our community through the West Lombok Police Chief," said Regent.
The implementation of social services held simultaneously in 34 Regional Police is in addition to being a form of Polri's dedication as well as a form of bringing Polri closer to the community also aims to assist the government in dealing with Covid-19.

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