Productive During Pandemic Covid-19, Abdul Mujid, a resident of Middle Sekotong Village who is involved in the Milkfish Farming Business – Sekotong Iptu Police Chief I Kadek Sumerta, SH as the implementation team of the healthy village competition in the Middle Sekotong Village directly led to the cultivation of milkfish ponds in Lendeng ree Hamlet, Sekotong Tengah Village, Sekotong District, West Lombok Regency, Wednesday. (7/29)

Sekit Police Sector Binit Office, Bhabinkamtibmas Sekotong Tengah Village, Bhabinsa Desa Sekotong Tengah and Bhabinkamtibmas Buwun Mas Village accompanying the Arrival of the Sekotong Police Chief were welcomed by the owner of the milkfish pond Abdul Mujid.

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“The aim of our team is to monitor and learn about the development of the milkfish maintenance business,” said Kadek Sumerta, SH.

The police chief added that the milkfish pond land managed by Abdul Mujid as well as the Lendang Ree Kadus has an area of ‚Äč‚Äčaround 700 square meters.

“The pond has been filled with milkfish seeds of 3000 thousand and now 1 month old,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the owner of milkfish fishpond Abdul Mujid claimed that the milkfish cultivation business has been in it for a long time and is able to provide for his daily life even in the midst of the 19th pandemic.

“Alhamdulillah, with the fish ponds, this little fish is sufficient for daily life,” he said.

In this effort the Police Chief did not forget to give advice and socialization related to the implementation of the Covid 19 health protocol to break the global chain of virus spread.

“We also appeal to the public, especially the owner of the pond, to actively implement the Covid-19 health protocol in each of his businesses,” he said.

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