Preserving Nature for a Better Ecosystem, West Lombok Regional Police of West Lombok Released Hundreds of Hatchlings with Coastal Residents - Hundreds of turtle children (Tukik) were released by West Lombok Regional Police Station.

The activity is intended as a form of preserving the environment, to the existence of turtles that are increasingly worrying where the population is declining.

This was followed up by the West Lombok Polairud Police Unit together with BKSDA, and the village of Kuranji mastermind to jointly release hundreds of hatchlings (turtle children) on the Kuranji Dalang Coastal Coast, Monday (29/6).

Kasat Polairud West Lombok Police Precinct I Gusti Made Suarjaya said the activity coincided with the momentum of the 74th Bhayangkara Day to improve the preservation of nature.

"The Peyu Ecosystem must be protected, the benefits are to increase marine tourism in West Lombok Regency," he said.

According to him this is very important, where West Lombok Regency is one of the Tourism Destinations in NTB.

The release of hatchlings is a form of implementation of the relationship between humans and nature, so that its sustainability needs to be maintained, to balance our natural ecosystems, "he explained.

By doing this activity, it is expected to be able to preserve the turtle population in its natural habitat, so that its population can be maintained.

"At least 110 hatchlings were released at Kuranji Dalang Beach, this step is a step to preserve sea turtles in the midst of the Covid Pandemic 19," he added.

The release of the hatchlings was also related to welcoming the new normal, as well as supporting the NTB Regional Police Head Program related to the Healthy Village Competition.

"A healthy environment is also very closely related to nature conservation, which is expected to attract tourists to visit NTB," he said.

Kasat Polairud hopes that later the hatchlings can develop. "Hopefully the hatchlings released can live and breed, so that the natural ecosystem will be more awake," he hoped.

According to him, this activity is also a series of commemorating world environmental day, besides releasing hatchlings, hatching of turtle eggs is also carried out at the Kuranji Dalang beach ecotourism.

The hatchling release activity was attended by the Head of Polairud Kasat, the Head of BKSDA, the Kuranji Dalang Village Head, Kuranji Dalang Kadus, Bhabinkamtibmas and Babinsa of Kuranji Dalang Village, Lobar Eco Tourism Group, and Unram Agriculture Students.

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