Sectoral Sector Police station Consistent Sheet Carrying Out Blessing, Sharing with Others – In welcoming Idhul Adha to the Port Environment, the KP3 Sector Police distributed the basic food aid in order to alleviate the burden of Covid Impact 19, Thursday (7/30).

This is a form of caring for people in need, especially for seniors and other people in need.

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Iptu I Made Dharma Y.P Port Area Police Sector Chief Joint said this assistance was a joint venture of members and representatives of PT. Pewete Ark Ark.

A total of 12 food packages were distributed to poor people in the Sheet Sheet hamlet, southern Sheet Village, Sheet District, West Lombok regency.

“This is a Blessing Friday program in cooperation with the Sheet Port Police Sector and the Sheet Company at the Port Sheet,” said the Iptu Harbor Area Police Chief I Made Dharma Y.P.

Blessing Friday Activity is a social activity that is routinely carried out on Friday every week.

“We continue to do this every week and continue,” he concluded.

As for social humanitarian activities in the form of basic food assistance targeting the underprivileged communities and the elderly who are around the Sheet Port area.

“We focus on the elderly and truly citizens who are in dire need especially affected by covid 19,” he explained

added Dharma Sembako Aid distributed as many as 12 packages, each of which contains 2 kg of rice, 4 packs of instant noodles and 5 eggs.

“It is hoped that this activity will be felt by the community and can ease the burden on residents who need it,” he stressed

In the humanitarian effort, the police chief and staff urge citizens to continue to adhere to the covid health protocol 19.

“During the transition to the adaptation of new life habits at this time, it is urged to remain in compliance with the Covid-19 Health protocol, such as wearing masks, washing hands with soap and keeping a distance,” he said.

According to him this aims to break the chain of distribution of covid 19 in the West Lombok Regency.

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