Person of Kadus in Sekotong Entangled with Drugs, the Reasons are Affected by Friends – Opsnal Sat Narcotics Investigation Team Lobar District Police Arrested a suspected narcotics crime in one of the food stalls in Dsn. Pelangan Barat I, Ds. Kec. Kec. Kab. West Lombok, Tuesday (6/16).

From the search results of the alleged perpetrators with initials SA, a 32-year-old man, turned out to be an individual Hamlet Chief in Ds. Pandanan, Kec. Sekotong, Kab., West Lombok.

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The Head of the Lobar Police Detective Unit of the Lobar Iptu Police Faisal Afrihadi, SH said from the hands of the suspected perpetrators, it was found carrying objects suspected of being narcotics, Wednesday (6/17).

“Disclosure begins with information from the Ds. Customer, kec. Kab. West Lombok, that there will be transactions in the form of methamphetamine narcotics at the crime scene, “he said.

Furthermore, Kasat explained that the information obtained was in one of the restaurants located in Dsn. Western customer I, there is a type of methamphetamine transaction.

“Following up on the information, the operational team headed straight to the location to conduct an investigation,” he explained.

After a surveillance was conducted around the crime scene, it was suspected that they were sitting in one of the restaurants, then immediately the members of the village immediately made an arrest attempt.

“From the search of the body around the crime scene, it was found in the left hand that the suspect allegedly held a transparent plastic clip that contained clear crystals, which were suspected of being a type of methamphetamine.

When the search was witnessed by general witnesses at that time, further suspicion and evidence were secured in the West Lombok Police Resort.

“The alleged perpetrators were immediately secured, for questioning for further investigation and investigation,” he added.

The evidence that was successfully secured was a transparent plastic clip containing clear crystals that were suspected of being methamphetamine type narcotics, with a gross weight of 1.03 grams.

“One unit of the SIAOMI Brand cellphone is white and black, one black sling bag, gray containing 1 (one) brown wallet containing 300,000 in cash (three hundred thousand rupiah),” he continued.

In addition, one Beat Street motorcycle, White and Black, was also secured by the Police.

For his actions, the perpetrators were charged under articles 112, 114, and 127 of the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics, with a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison.

With a lethargic downcast, SA acknowledged the error so that he was entangled in this drug case.

“Starting from being curious, sir, and being influenced by friends,” he said before the officers.

SA also said that what he had done was a very shameful act, and hoped that what happened to him also became a lesson to stay away from these illicit goods.

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