Patrol Activities of the Lobar Polairud Police Unit, in the Safety Appeal Sea, on the Coimbal Protocol Call Coastal 19

In safeguarding the security situation and anticipating sea accidents, Sat Lobair Police Air Force deployed its Patrol Boat around the waters of the Sheet - Sekotong, Thursday (6/18).

Kasat Pol Airud Polar Lobda Ipda I. Gst Made Suarjaya said the Sat Polairud KP KP XXI 1008 along with the crew carried out an active water patrol, as well as an appeal.

"Patrolling around Sheet - Sekotong and encourages fishermen to always be careful and prioritize safety," he said.

In addition, even though they are at sea, fishermen are also encouraged to use masks to avoid covid-19 distribution, and to provide safety equipment.

Patrol and community policing activities are also carried out at the sheet of the ASDP port and the coast of Cemare by Sat Polairud personnel of Lobar Pangkalan Sheet Police Station.

"Anticipating, theft of ships on ships and other water criminal offenses," he said.

Providing information to residents of coastal fishermen and coastal visitors is also carried out to pay attention to health protocols in preventing the spread of covid 19.

"The call to use a mask, get used to washing hands with soap and always keep a distance," he said.

Also encouraged the community to reduce unnecessary activities outside the home.

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