No Liability! By Booking Up To The Island of Maldives, It Turns Out The Business Of Residents Of Sekotong West Lombok – Starting from a home-based business, Munisah (40) from Cendi Manik Village, Sekotong District, West Lombok, is engaged in the production of alang-alang roofing production.

Starting from being Inspired by Alang-alang Tanker Workers in Jimbaran Bali, Munisah saw the prospect of opportunities in his hometown which had alang alang fields in the Dsn area.

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Blongas Desa Buwunmas as material for making alang-alang roofs.

The prospect of Munisah in doing this business was conceptualized by empowering local residents while providing employment to improve the welfare of the surrounding community.

“We use the name Alang Alang Harapan Business with the aim that this business can be the hope of local residents in getting jobs to improve the welfare of the surrounding community,” he said on Tuesday. (6/23)

Making a roof using reeds is the production itself, “said Munisah, in Batu Bangke Hamlet, Cendi Manik Village, Sekotong District, Lobar Regency.

The man born in Sekotong, Lobar Regency, said that those who ordered the alang-alang roof were not only from around Lombok, but even abroad.

The order came from outside the city.

Such as, Bali, Malysia and Mala Dewa.

“There are even intermediaries who buy here to sell it again to Sri Lanka,” he said.

Munisah said, the business of making the roof of the reeds did not require much capital.

Because the raw materials in the form of reeds can be found by yourself around the location of the business and his home. However, when ordering in large quantities up to thousands.

He and his wife ordered raw materials.

“Weed weeds sell a bundle of 10 to 15 thousand rupiah.

If you look for the raw material yourself, only gasoline is the most,” he said.

He was grateful that the profits from the business were quite promising. For example, in the past month alone even 10 pickup trucks carried the roof of the reeds.

However, at the time of the Covid-19 outbreak condition, Munisah said that at least there could only be 2 pickup trucks, where one transport of 2,500 pickups was open.

“In two weeks, it can sell 2.5 million rupiah. But if it is quiet in a week, only hundreds will be sold,” he said.


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