Lobar Police Narcotics Investigation Unit Successfully Reveals Tens of Drug Packages Ready to Market in Sekotong Area – Responding to drug trafficking in the West Lombok Regional Police Jurisdiction, the West Lombok Regional Police Narcotics Opportunity Team made a disclosure of Narcotics cases in the West Lombok Police jurisdiction.

Sat Res Narcotics Team with the Sekotong Police officers arrested an alleged Narcotics dealer in the Sekotong District Area, Friday. (3/7)

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West Lombok Police Chief AKBP Bagus S. Wibowo, SIK., Revealed that the culprit who was arrested was suspected of being a dealer in the Sekotong District.

“From the results of this interim investigation, that the Actor with the initials” R “is a large airport in the District of Sekotong,” he explained.

It was found that the perpetrators were arrested on the basis of public information on that day and date in the area of ​​Buwun Mas Village, Sekotong District.

The Lobar Police Chief continued, the Team had secured dozens of methamphetamine along with other suction devices.

“The team managed to make an arrest and from the results of this disclosure had obtained as much as 35 evidence of Methamphetamine Package along with other suction equipment,” he continued.

Some of the Evidence included 7 plastic clips containing 35 packages of allegedly plastic methamphetamine, 1 piece of scissors, 2 pieces of gas lighters, 10 plastic pipettes, 1 axis.

3 units of series of suction devices (bong), 1 box of OPPO brand mobile phone which contains Rp 46,000 in cash, 1, 1 blue waist line three multi purpose line in which contains 1 bottle of liquid and cash as much as Rp 1,953,000 , -.

On his occasion, the Lobar Police Chief also said that this disclosure was a significant arrest as a tangible form of participation from the community in providing information in an effort to eradicate Narcotics circulation.

“In this disclosure we have the support of the community especially coupled with the program currently being carried out by the ranks of the NTB Regional Police in order to suppress the spread of Covid – 19 in the district. West Lombok.

We have organized activities to succeed in a healthy village competition, “he said.

The police chief explained that the case continued to be developed so that the origin of the illicit goods could be identified.

“We are still continuing to deepen this because we consider it a large syndicate in the Sekotong District area to uncover the sources of these goods, including in its network,” he explained.

For their actions, the perpetrators were charged with an article allegedly in accordance with article 114 paragraph (1) and or article 112 paragraph (1) and or Article 127 paragraph (1) Letter a of RI Law Number 35 Year 2009 concerning Narcotics with life imprisonment or imprisonment the shortest 5 years.

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