Lobar District Police Destroy Narcotics Evidence, Witnessed Directly by the Suspect - Lobar Police Narcotics Investigation Unit, destroyed Narcotics Evidence resulting from arrests from January to the present, Friday (6/19).

The head of the Lobar Police Respect Unit, Faisal Afrihadi, SH, said that the destruction activity was witnessed directly by related parties.

"The annihilation was witnessed firsthand by the Mataram District Court, the Mataram High Prosecutor's Office, including the suspects also presented," he said.

The Evidence that was destroyed around 400 grams of marijuana, 24 grams Shabu-shabu, and other evidence.

"Until now all of the cases are still under investigation," he said.

Lobar Regional Police conducted the destruction of this Evidence, based on the results of coordination with the prosecutors.

"It has been approved by the prosecutor's office in the destruction of this evidence," he added.

This evidence is the result of the arrest of three perpetrators with evidence in the form of methamphetamine, 2 cannabis evidence.

"The evidence of methamphetamine is the result of arrests in the Sekotong Region and other areas," he said.

While the total number of drug cases that have been successfully revealed by the West Lombok police from January to the present is 8 cases.

"Disclosure of narcotics cases when compared to before has increased in the West Lombok police jurisdiction," he explained.

Thus, the West Lombok police station remains committed to intense disclosure in the fight against drug cases in the region.

"Even though in the midst of the 19th pandemic, where the perpetrators consider the police not to focus on disclosure," he continued.

The Narcotics Narcotics asserted that the West Lombok Police Station continued to monitor the perpetrators.

From the evaluation results, the location of narcotics abuse has shifted in several regions.

"For example, which originally happened a lot in Senggigi, this has shifted to other places," he said.

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