Like This Special Form of Attention Bhabinkamtibmas Gerung Police Sector To Children Amid Covid Plague 19

– Attention Bhabinkamtibmas from Taman Ayu Village, Gerung needs to be appreciated.

Withthe outbreak of Covid-19, which continues to occur today, many things are being done by every Police Personnel in handling the 19th outbreak of Covid.

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No exception was carried out by one of the Bhabinkamtibmas personnel who served in Gerung West Lombok Police Station.

During the task of fostering his village, many things were carried out such as the Kamtibmas patrol, conducting supervision and security of all activities in his village.

Especially when the Covid-19 pandemic is endemic, its personnel are actively collecting data from the underprivileged community as a form of follow-up in providing targeted assistance.

Bhabinkamtibmas Desa Taman ayu Gerung is known as AIPDA H. Abdillah Husein.

Gerung police chief, AKP Syaripuddin Zohri confirmed that the activity had been carried out by his Bhabinkamtibmas Personnel who served in Taman Ayu Village, Gerung District as a form of caring and welcoming the 74th Bhayangkara Day later.

“Mr. Abdillah also gave special attention by giving a number of snacks as a form of concern for the children in his fostered village during the Covid – 19 outbreak,” he said.

Aipda Abdillah assessed that children also need to get special attention to motivate them to always be cheerful and happy.

“By giving snacks to children, can make them happy and happy to increase their immune system so they are not easily attacked by diseases such as Covid – 19,” he said.

The number of packages distributed to Taman Ayu children is 60 packages.

The 60 packages were distributed as many as 20 packages each in Gunung Malang and Peseng Hamlet, 20 packages in Bongor and Jeranjang Hamlet and 20 packages in Taman Endok Hamlet and Karang Genteng Hamlet.

The distribution of snacks is given to children starting from the age of five to the kindergarten and elementary school level.

The Kapolsek continued, this division was also expected to be able to motivate the students who were currently studying at home.

“To children who are students and are now sent home, it is hoped that they can improve their enthusiasm for learning even in the current conditions,” continued the police chief.

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