Less than 24 Hours, Lobar Police Drug Res Res Unit Reveals Narcotics Abuse Case in Batu Layar District – The Opsnal Team of the West Lombok Police Narcotics Investigation Unit arrested another man in Batu Layar District on Thursday evening. (9/7)

After securing the three suspected narcotics abuse abuse a few days ago, the Opsnal Team deftly re-arrested the new suspects.

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The man whose initials RA (35) is known to come from Dasan Agung Kec. Selaparang Kota Mataram.

Kasat Res Narcotics of West Lombok Police Station, Iptu Faisal Afrihadi, S.H., when interviewed explained the chronology of the incidents of arrest of the perpetrators. (10/7)

“The information we got was known in one of the Batu Layar Subdistricts, precisely in the Tattoo Village of Sandik Village, Batu Layar District, a place where shab-shabu type narcotics transactions are usually carried out and is very unsettling to the community. Therefore, our Team conducted an investigation and suspected one of the men the initials RA is in the region, “he explained.

Skilfully, the personnel make arrests of the suspected man and conduct searches alongside the surrounding community to see first hand the search process.

And sure enough, his team got a number of pieces of evidence that were suspected to be shabu-shabu which was in a cigarette salt cellar cigarette pack.

The evidence that we thought was methamphetamine was found inside a pack of solar cigarettes hidden in the pocket of the motorbike to the left of the driver,” continued Kasat.

Evidence included three clear plastic clips which were suspected to be shabu-shabu with a total weight of 8.12 grams, 1 black wallet, Rp. 120,000 in cash, 1 piece of KTP that belonged to the suspect, 1 unit of white hp brand Samsung and 1 unit of black beat Honda motorcycle with police number DR 4928 CU.

Because, unexpectedly in the initial inspection process is categorized only as a user.

“Suspected in the results of our examination included as users in the abuse of narcotics,” he said.

For his actions, RA was charged with Article 114 paragraph (2) and or article 112 paragraph (2) of RI Law No. 25 of 2009 concerning narcotics with a criminal threat of at least 6 years and a maximum of 20 years.

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