Implementing the Health Safety Protocol, Bontage Hamlet, Giri Sasak Village, Labuapi District is Ready to Become a Healthy Village – The launching of the Healthy Village Competition which was inaugurated by the NTB Provincial Government together with the Indonesian National Police and related agencies which began in June became a strategy in creating clean and healthy lifestyles in the efforts of Covid prevention 19.

West Lombok Kapolres AKBP Bagus S. Wibowo, SIK., Through the IPTU I Public Relations Head of Sub Unit I Ketut Sandiartha revealed that in following up the program as an effort to prevent Covid – 19, the West Lombok Regency Region participated in spurring potentials in each of its Region’s ranks participate in the Contest.

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“As many as 21 villages participated in the Healthy Village Contest in the West Lombok Regency, so in each village we have provided information on several aspects that were contested,” he explained.

The aspects that become a category are known, among others, Security, health, Creative Industries and Social Economy. It has been seen that people in one of the Gili Sasak Villages in the Bountage Hamlet of Labuapi sub-district with enthusiasm in participating in implementing aspects of the implementation of health protocol handling Covid – 19, Thursday. (9/7)

Community participation with assistance by BKD Giri Sasak, Babinsa and Bhabinkamtibmas together revived Poskamling by enforcing the implementation of the Covid-19 preventive health protocol.

The increase in Poskamling activities is a form of maintaining the stability of Kamtibmas in Giri Sasak Village, coupled with the presence of goats and cattle cages scattered in a number of hamlets to be a scourge to minimize disruption of kamtibmas.

“The Poskamling activities in the Covid – 19 pandemic period were carried out by giving guidance to officers who were on guard to always wear masks, wash their hands after carrying out any activity and adjust the distance when guarding,” he said.

Bontage Hamlet in improving Poskamling applies the Covid-19 Health protocol in addition to maintaining Kamtibmas Stability and Prevention of Covid-19 transmission is also a participatory form in supporting the ongoing healthy village program.

Poskamling activities which are included in one of the aspects of Security become one form of assessment in implementing health protocol handling Covid – 19.

He said, the people in Bontage Hamlet, Giri Sasak Village, were very enthusiastic in conducting a participatory movement by looking at the potentials of the village by increasing the application of health protocols for handling Covid – 19.

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