Healthy Village Competition Launched, West Lombok Regional Police Give Full Support to Contribute - NTB Governor, NTB Regional Police Chief, Danrem, along with other unrelated parties, launched a Healthy Village Competition in the Lingsar region, Friday (6/19).
Related to this Healthy Village Contest, West Lombok Police will provide full support for the success of this Healthy Village Contest.
West Lombok Police Chief AKBP Bagus S. Wibowo, SIK said the West Lombok Police Resort had provided everything to contribute to the healthy village competition.
"West Lombok Police Station has provided participants from West Lombok regency, as many as 21 villages have been appointed to represent West Lombok Regency to participate in this healthy village," he said.
In this healthy village activity, it is of course necessary to pay attention to all parties who are highly expected to be shown.
"Alhamdulillah, after coordination, communication, this has been done in the last few days starting from the local government, the TNI, and other shareholders ready to support the success of the healthy village competition," said the police chief.
The Chief of Police hopes that in the healthy village competition, especially of the 20 villages representing the West Lombok Police Station, the community is also ready to get the winning number in the healthy village contest.
How is the readiness of the community in competition in a healthy village in the method developed to discipline the Community towards New Normal.
Through this healthy village competition, familiarize the community or direct the community to return to their normal activities using new habits.
The new habit discussed here is about the activities carried out by the people who have to implement the Covid-19 health protocol, it is agreed that they must use masks, keep their distance and wash their hands frequently.
This is included in the no-no.
In addition to understanding the public in the renewal of Covid-19, it is also of concern to consider.
Related to the ability of the community to be able to carry out daily activities during the co-19 pandemic that still exists in the West Lombok region.
So, the whole place of the community will be a concern that requires participation of all parties.
Because all places of society will also be the concern of all parties to be able to discipline or familiarize the public using protocol 19.

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