Earning Tens of Million Rupiahs Each Month, Residents from Ombe Village, Kediri, West Lombok District, Develop Golden Melon Hydroponics – The outbreak of Covid Virus – 19 which occurred in all parts of the world has caused several impacts on all sectors of life in Indonesia.

But Abdul Hamid, who is a farmer in the village of Ombe, Kediri, West Lombok, still survives in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, through his creative ideas, Tuesday (6/23).

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Hydroponic Golden Melon Plant is a creative idea that appears in the minds of these Farmers.

Now he develops his idea independently, without the dependence of material from his home country, Malaysia.

Abdul Hamid, a former Indonesian Migrant Worker farmer, said that having 12 years of experience and knowledge while working in Malaysia, he sparked the idea to develop Golen melon.

“At this time only 40 acres of the outer area of ​​development, consisting of 9 blocks, can produce 5 quintals in one block or generate around Rp 10 million,” he said.

While outside the operational and maintenance costs in a month can usually harvest up to 3-4 blocks or produce Rp 30 – Rp 40 million.

“While the production costs incurred are only Rp. 1 million in each block,” he added. With a production cost of only 10% of the yield, so it has great potential for the economy of the Ombe Village Community.

“Golden Melon is the only one developed in Indonesia, with the concept of hydroponics, without chemicals.

It also feels like nothing is the same, “he continued. Abdul Hamid explained, the plants were guaranteed to be free of pesticides, because they were done Netting (plant net installation) on each block, to anticipate pest attacks.

“There was a problem related to the co-19 pandemic, where previously, from seeds to other materials were still imported from their home country,” he explained.

Delivery of seeds, organic nutrition is often faltered, thus encouraging it to develop independently.

“Now there are many local ingredients, both from the supply of organic nutrients, to anti-pest and other ingredients,” he continued.

Now in one block of his Golden Melon, by conducting experiments to conduct nurseries independently, reducing dependence on seedlings from their home country.

He believes that the Golden Melon agricultural products are free of chemicals because the maintenance and placement minimizes the pest perch.

“Guaranteed, this Golden Melon really does not use chemicals, all use organic materials, including in the prevention of pests,” he said.

Considering that this Golden Melon is the only one in NTB, even in Indonesia, because in its development, it requires special techniques to be applied in Indonesia.

Kediri Iptu Police Chief Donny W.S ,. S.I.K together with the Secretary of the Ombe Baru Khairudin and Agro Manager Abdul Hamid visited the site directly.

“This is a potential that exists in the village of Ombe Baru Kec. Kediri, in supporting Healthy Villages, especially in Food Security, “he said.

Towards Golden Melon Hydroponics, the Police Chief appreciated his creativity in his care using organic ingredients, and has implemented Health protocols for workers in this place.

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