Concrete Evidence Village Quotations in Preparing Themselves to be a Healthy Village – In support of the realization of the Healthy Village in the Kuripan District Region, the community together with the parties that provide assistance, work together to make it happen, Monday (6/7). Head of the Kuripan Police Sub-Sector, Iptu Agus Supriadi, SH said, the residents, in their own awareness, worked together to change the appearance of their respective villages in Kuripan. “Various activities in several aspects were carried out, to support the realization of a healthy village in the area quoted,” he said. Iptu Agus Supriadi explained, among others, making Bale Isolation in Kuripan Village, Kuripan Village residents volunteered to clean up in the isolation bale, complete with a public kitchen. “In addition, residents make and prepare wash basins, all of which are carried out in tandem,” he said. Meanwhile, when met in his room, Kades Kuripan Hasbi said healthy village activities were not merely ceremonial events. “This is of course we followed up, as a form of excitement of the Village and Community quotations to improve, familiarize healthy lifestyles and of course be more independent and creative,” he said. According to him, the Village Government has also made rules relating to health, safety, social and economic community for the independence of the Community. “Regarding healthy villages, we do not play games, as a form of the seriousness of the Kuripan Village Government very much wanting to create a productive community,” he explained. As an embodiment, the Center for Isolation and public kitchens have been built, and many other agendas and activities that are and will be implemented in the village of Kuripan. Head of Kuripan Village also said that there were no obstacles in making Kuripan as a Healthy Village by referring to the Health Protocol in preventing Covid 19. “So far we have not encountered any obstacles, all the people support us, because people realize this is also for the common good,” he said

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