Brief Three Actors of Narcotics Abuse, West Lombok Police Narcotics Investigation Unit Secure Thousands of Trihexyphenidyl and Methamphetamine Pills – The West Lombok Police Narcotics Investigation Unit re-revealed the narcotics distribution case in the West Lombok Regional Police Precinct on Thursday. (9/7)

A total of 3 suspected perpetrators have been secured along with a number of items of evidence at the West Lombok Mapolres.

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Based on chronology according to the Kasat Res Narcotics explanation Lobar Iptu Police Faisal Afrihadi, S.H., based on public information on Wednesday (8/7) at the home of one of the residents located in Sedayu Hamlet, South Kediri Village, Kediri Subdistrict, suspected of narcotics abuse.

“At 22.00 Wita Kanit Opsnal along with other members conducted a raid at the house of the resident and found 3 people who have been suspected, 1 of whom was a woman,” he explained.

After the raids were carried out, the Opsnal Team then conducted an inspection and search of the 3 persons accompanied by the surrounding community to witness the search process to avoid any manipulation of arrests.

Kasat Res Narcotics continued a number of evidence of suspected types of methamphetamine and sedative pills were found during a search on the three suspects.

“Two plastic clip pockets containing clear crystals are suspected of being methamphetamine and as many as 5,300 grains of Trihexyphenidyl type along with other suction devices have been found and we are safe to complete the investigation process,” he continued.

Besides the methamphetamine which is known to have a gross weight of 0.72 grams and thousands of the sedatives, the operational team also found 3 memorandum notes from the transaction and the cash amounting to Rp 6,685,000 was secured.

The three perpetrators’ identities include a woman whose initials WM (28) addresses Kediri Subdistrict and 2 other actors addressed in Kuripan District with the initials MAS (28) and MU (20).

Strictly speaking, Kasat Res Narcotics revealed that the suspect can be said to be a user and dealer in several areas in West Lombok Regency.

“The three suspects according to preliminary examination are categorized as users as well as dealers, then they will be subject to multiple articles related to Narcotics Abuse,” he said.

For their actions, the three suspects were allegedly affected by multiple articles, including articles 114 paragraph (1), article 112 paragraph (1) and or article 127 paragraph (1) letter a of RI Law No. 35 of 2009 concerning narcotics and Law No. 36 of 2009 concerning health.

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