Bayan Sector Police Conducts Disinfectant Spraying in Gianyar Public Market. – Bayan Sector Police together with related agencies carried out spraying of Disinfectant liquid in the Anyar Village Public Market and the Bayan Sub-District office on Wednesday (04/22-2020).

This was done to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the Kec. District. Bayan, the location was a concern because the place was visited by the general public.

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“This is our first step to prevent the spread of the Corona virus in Bayan sub-district and KLU in general,” said Bayan Police Chief of IPDA Sugi Jaya.

On this occasion, Sugi also stressed not to panic with the corona outbreak. But it appealed to the public to continue to make prevention efforts such as maintaining environmental cleanliness, keep washing their hands and always wearing a mask.

“We hope that people do not panic, but rather do prevention by starting a healthy lifestyle,” he said.

Spraying of the Disinfectant was started at 09.00 West Indonesia Time in the Anyar village public market, then continued to the District Office at 10:30 West Indonesia Time.

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