4,600 Lobster Seeds Released in Sheets of West Lombok Sheet by the Tipidter Unit of the Crimar Police Unit Lobar Together with BKIPM Mataram

perisainews.com – A total of 4,600 Lobster Seed Tails were successfully secured by the West Lombok Police Criminal Investigation Unit.

Thousands of Lobster Seeds were released at Cemara Beach, Sheet Selatan Village, Sheet District, West Lombok Regency, Tuesday. (7/7)

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Personnel of the Tiparter Unit of the Criminal Police Unit of Lobar Resort released the Lobster seeds accompanied by the Fish Quarantine Center, Quality Control and Safety of Mataram Fishery Products (BKIPM).

The secured seeds are packed in plastic, each containing oxygen and a number of Lobster seeds.

West Lombok Police Chief AKBP Bagus S. Wibowo, SIK., Kasat Reskrim West Lombok Police Precinct AKP Dhafid Shiddiq, SH., SIK., Explained that the activity began with the safekeeping of one of the men who allegedly brought thousands of four-wheeled vehicles to the North Lombok Regency .

“Starting with public information, on Monday (6/7), it was suspected that TA (37) from Ampenan was carrying thousands of Lobster seeds using a black APV car at 22:00 WITA from Jalan Montong, Montong Village, Batu Layar District, West Lombok , “He explained.

Knowing this, the Tipidter Unit immediately secured the man along with the evidence which was packed using white Styrofoam in which he suspected lobster seeds.

AKP Dhafid continued to coordinate with the Mataram Branch Sheet quarantine party along with the NTB Province’s Office of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries to follow up on the findings.


“We immediately coordinated and have found that lobster seedlings are susceptible to death if left too long with the plastic packaging. Therefore, we immediately jointly released a number of Lobster seeds, “he continued.

The price of 4,600 Lobster Seeds is estimated to reach Rp 130,000,000.

According to the Head of Information Control and Information Supervision Section of the BKIPM Mataram, M. Farchan, said that the activity was carried out to preserve and restore this Lobster in accordance with its habitat.

“The release of Lobster seeds is a tangible form of our concern with the West Lombok Police Resort for the preservation of ecosystems and marine biota habitats, especially those in the waters of West Lombok,” he explained.

On the occasion, Kasiwas BKIPM Mataram at the same time gave an appeal to the new ministry regulations related to marine biota processing, one of which is Lobster.

“We also at the same time provide socialization as well as appeals to the people especially those who are involved in the world of Perlobsteran to know and follow the rules of ministry number 12 of 2020 which has just been ratified,” he explained.

The release of the Lobster seed was immediately released by Tipidter Bripka I Ketut Rinawa, S.H., accompanied by Mr. Samsudin as the person in charge of the BKIPM Mataram Cooperation area in the middle of the sea by boat.

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