Bringing Yourself Up To The Community, Kediri Police Station conducted a Cycling Patrol

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For effectiveness in guarding a densely populated residential location, the Kediri Police Station conducts a cycling patrol in Dsn. Sedayu, Ds. Kediri Selatan, Kec. Kediri, Kab. Lobar, Thursday (6/18).

Kediri Iptu Police Chief Donny W. S., said the cycling patrol in addition to reaching places that are difficult to reach by motor vehicles, this also aims to get closer to the community.

"In its implementation it continues to be emphasized in a humane way," he said.

In accordance with the main duties of the police to anticipate interference Kamtibmas in the Legal District Police Kediri.

"Providing a sense of security to residents of densely populated housing with the presence of the Cycling Police Patrol," he added.

On that occasion, cycling patrol personnel appealed to residents to always wear masks when doing activities outside the home

"In general the activities went smoothly, and the community welcomed the cycling patrol activities," he said

The police chief also said that aside from maintaining kamtibmas, this cycling patrol was also beneficial for the health of its members.

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